18 8 / 2013

Natalia Kills - Nothing Lasts Forever

“Nothing Lasts Forever” (featuring Billy Kraven) Natalia Kills, Bhasker Bhasker

Perfectionist is the debut studio album by English recording artist Natalia Kills, first released digitally on 15 March 2011 and physically on 1 April 2011. The album has spawned four singles so far: “Mirrors”, “Wonderland” and “Free”, and “Kill My Boyfriend”.

Natalia Kills Official SoundCloud 2012

08 8 / 2013

Dove Camera Shy (by doveunitedstates)

Such a beautiful commercial, that really resonates with I think every lady out there. Who has not said GET THAT CAMERA AWAY FROM ME??

24 7 / 2013

"When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either."

Leo Burnett

24 7 / 2013


The first thing I did was keep an honest accounting of a week (168 hours) of my time. As if I were a dieter logging every morsel, I wrote down every activity: every email check, every work distraction, every unnecessary errand. I used a notebook for this, though some time trackers use spreadsheets or apps such as aTimeLogger andTimeTracker.

When I looked over the log, I saw a lot of activity, of course, but I also saw surprising amounts of space. Turns out 168 is a lot of hours.”

15 6 / 2013

"What helps people, helps business."

Leo Burnett

15 6 / 2013

Crazy marketing tactic for local music…

13 6 / 2013

For those who have not heard, a new advertisement has caused quite a bit of backlash. The complaints however differed from usual attacks, directed at crude humor or obscene images. This time attacks were motivated by the presence of a multiracial family within the commercial. The commercial, entitled Just Checking, was released by the ad team at Cheerios on Youtube. It depicts a young biracial girl, her Caucasian mother, and African American father. In response several viewers responded to the ad with racist and hateful remarks that Cheerio’s would depict a multi-racial family.  One of the comments, as reported by UPROXX.com, read: Nice try Cheerios ad team! I’m never eating Cheerios again! Good day sir!!!.  The comments grew so imbued with racial hate that General Mills had to disable commenting on the video.

The commercial illuminates just how stunted many American society remains in our supposedly “post-racial” society. It is arguably a mystery how the nation can elect a biracial individual to the presidency, yet there is a serious backlash when a fictitious biracial family is presented in the media.

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07 2 / 2013

The holidays are a big time of year to boost sales, obviously. However there is still some strategy to cater to consumer’s needs during this buying frenzy. What is key is not simply promoting your product, but also incorporating into your marketing scheme why it is perfect for a particular holiday.

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05 2 / 2013

Recently a staff writer for Nokia released a favorable review of Nokia’s new phone: the Nokia Lumia 620. The catch: the review was on Nokia’s own blog. Readers were annoyed with the review because it was obvious to them that Nokia would promote the use of their own product. Many readers commented with statements like, “you just reviewed your own … product…How stupid do you think people are?” another reader replied, “so Nokia posted a review of its own product. Hilarious,” and another commenting on Nokia competitor’s stated humorously, “ so I hear Steve Jobs thought the iPhone was the best…”

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